Worldwide Network
Worldwide Network

Worldwide Network

As stated in the President’s Welcome, it is our Strategy to actively build contacts with all national and international associations in all fields of treatments and applications of aluminium with the aim of establishing membership.

For this purpose we have developed a Letter of Intent that we signed with several Other Associations relevant to our Business.  If your Association is interested please contact us.

Sample Letter of intent.

Letter of intent with Qualisino 20.06.2016
Letter of intent with TUDelft 29.04.2015
Letter of intent with VUB 19.09.2014
Letter of intent with ZAK Trading (India) 18.06.2014
Letter of intent with QME 13.11.2013
Letter of intent with JAPA 24.10.2012
Letter of intent with IHAA 18.06.2012


Affiliated organizations

Find below the locations of our affiliated organizations and the links to their respective websites.
Please inform us if you encounter any difficulties accessing items on this list or if there are other resources that should be included.



For more information, please contact the ESTAL secretariat at