Ivo Vermeeren
ESTAL President 2020-2023

Dear Visitor,

As President of Estal it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website.

In the next pages you will discover that our Association plays a very important role in protecting and defending the interests of the Aluminium Surface Treatment Industry in Europe.

ESTAL members include national aluminium surface treatment associations in or outside of Europe, aluminium finishing companies located in countries without national associations, suppliers to the aluminium surface treatment industries, companies using finished aluminium products and international associations of users of finished aluminium products.

We seek to stimulate a dialogue between the industry, its suppliers and users, both at national and at European level and want to contribute to finding solutions to technical, economic and ecological issues associated with the production and utilisation of surface-treated aluminium, encouraging the sharing of knowledge and the development of new technologies. In this respect also being a member of European Aluminium offers great added value.

On another level, Estal also has a very strong lobbying activity focussed on defending the interests of the aluminium finishing industry in Brussels. European legislation projects, which may have a relevant influence on our industry, and information that our association wants to forward to Brussels are discussed at the meetings of the Joint Technical Committee (JTC), attended by representatives of finishers, suppliers of surface treatment and various quality label organisations.

Projects like the BREFS, the Green Deal and REACH are high on our priority list.

You will read that the sharing of knowledge is yet another key priority of our Association. A great example here is the bi-annual congress we organise, and that attracts participants from all over the globe. Next to that, we have a vast network of specialists and key players in our field of business that gladly share their knowledge to the benefit of our members. In this way, Estal is providing fresh impetus for the aluminium finishing industry, with the aim of maintaining existing markets and opening up new opportunities and business areas for its members.

If after reading through the next pages you want more information on our Association, please feel free to contact our secretariat at